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Color = Fun

Today I broke away from my usual routine and decided to try my hand at dying sock yarn. My mother has been dying yarn for years but I never had any interest in it before. I only picked knitting back up in honest in 2005, and since then I’ve just been busy buying other people’s hand dyed yarn! The colors in the yarn from Maine that I mentioned in my last post inspired me so much I wanted to try it for myself.


You’ll have to forgive the filthy lawn chairs. They are used mainly for drying dyed yarn and wool, and are multicolor at this point. My first attempt is the skein on the left. I had wanted to try and make something fall-ish, so I started out painting a skein of yarn using yellow, orange, red, and purple. However, I quickly discovered that my colors were much too bright and the skein resembled something closer to psychedelic tie-dye than fall. At my mom’s suggestion, I dunked the entire skein in blue, and the result is what you see above.


skein #2

other side of skein #2

With the over-dying technique under my belt, I dove right into dying the second skein with a particular result in mind. I first dyed it using bright yellow, magenta, and red, and then again dunked it in blue. The second skein didn’t soak up nearly as much blue, but the number of colors I got afterwards was pretty interesting considering I had painted the skein with big bold sections of color. When it dried, it was a little lighter than I wanted, so I mixed up some more blue dye and gave the skein a second dunking in blue. The final result was fabulous! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture at the moment, but I’ll try to get one tomorrow in natural light (it’s currently hanging in my shower).


On the knitting front, I am working on some Embossed Leaves socks out of my copy of Favorite Socks from Interweave Knits. I am making it out of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, out of an unknown colorway because I wound the yarn into a cake long ago and the ball band was forgotten. It is in lovely fall colors, and I am loving the way it’s turning out. I’ve been spoiled from knitting socks out of worsted weight though, and it seems like it’s taking forever!



On a final note, I caught this little guy enjoying the morning light as I was snapping pictures of my yarn.


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Ok, so I guess my previous post about “blogging more” and “promises” and the like makes me eat my words. Alas, life gets in the way. I thought things were going to calm down a bit more, but the stress of a job search, the disappointment of a promised job falling through, and the random job opportunity that falls in my lap as a result all prevented me from blogging. However, I have been knitting a ton. Allow me to present, the Scrolls socks:

Scrolls socks

(click for bigger!)

These are “Scrolls” from More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. There is a story behind the yarn, and I am absolutely in love with it. Over the summer, I spent a month (all of June) in Maine visiting my boyfriend. There was a cute little yarn shop in his rural little coastal town, and I found some amazing yarn there. Much to my dismay, their official site didn’t seem to sell any of their yarn online. That was before I stumbled upon their etsy shop. Now I’m no longer alarmed that the 5 (!) balls of their gorgeous sock yarn that I returned home with has now been knitted up so fast that I only have one left! The yarn is actually superwash worsted weight yarn, but when knitted up on size 5 needles it creates the softest, most squooshy socks I’ve ever made. Their colors are to die for, as well. I’m in love!! I need to take some more pictures of the other projects I’ve knitted up using this yarn, but one pair of socks has already been sent off to my overjoyed grandmother. I can’t wait to order more, I am obsessed! It also helps that they knit up super quick, too! Here’s another shot:

Scrolls socks

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Hello world!

The old blog was dead to me, so I decided to have a fresh start.  I can’t promise I will be a great, daily blogger but I’m going to try and be better than I was last time.  I’m out of school now (2007 college graduate, what what!) so I have had tons more time to knit and spin, and I figure I might as well start keeping track of my projects again since I finally have something to write about.

Lately I have been doing some “housecleaning” when it comes to old projects (mostly socks).  I had at least 4 or 5 pairs of socks started and pushed aside and the guilt of the UFO was finally getting to me.  I bought a ton of new sock yarn while on vacation (6 skeins) and realized I’d better start finishing some older projects.  In the past month or two I’ve managed to finish 3 pairs of socks that had been sadly sitting in the sock basket (yes, there’s a sock basket) and I’m almost done with a 4th pair. This is rather amazing for me, who takes forever to finish anything.

I’ve also been spinning a ton lately, and it has been a newfound obsession for me.  I’ve known how to spin since I was very young, but it was never something I would do on a regular basis.  Lately, though, I have been doing it almost every day.  My biggest project is a scarf I have started for my boyfriend, and it is truly a labor of love.  I am spinning black lamb’s wool for the project and it is rather hard on the eyes at night (which is when I usually have time to work on it).  I also designed the pattern for the scarf, which to me is extra satisfying knowing that his scarf is going to be completely and utterly handmade… the only way it could get any more handmade is if I had raised the sheep myself!  I will get some photos soon, but I am writing this from work so I don’t have my camera.

All for now!



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